Our Mission

Empowering Black Artists to find their inner voice

For Discovery, for People, for Life...

With more features of independent artists than any other entertainment website, PLAYRNB’s original curated playlist— from Neo Soul to alternative r&b—delivers the best in music to the most engaged, culturally influential audience in the world.

Steadily becoming the most streamed r&b channel on Audiomack, PLAYRNB continues to transmorph into the veracity with future upcoming stars, including Justin Garner, Kev Decor Meaku, Drew Vision, Vedo, Nbdy, and the cool melodic sounds of DCMBER.

PLAYRNB reaches its target audience through each patron across online streaming platforms and at the go, providing the website’s highly-engaged fans with a catalog of alternatives to revel in on a high level.

PLAYRNB is a Black-owned website founded in 2017 by Stanley M, a retired classically trained musician/violist of over 30 years.

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to specific questions about PLAYRNB.

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